Our Story


The practice of Baptiste Yoga has transformed who we are and how we live in this world, it’s that simple.

As a former ER nurse, Jen relied on her lightning fast responses and the thick skin of selfless service on a daily basis. My life as a construction contractor involves ever-changing deadlines and is demanding physically.

We thrive in these environments simply because we are dedicated to a practice that keeps us whole.

We are delighted to know so many others are being profoundly impacted by this empowering practice. From Kenya to Helsinki, from Toronto to Bogotá, this life-changing practice is affecting a global community.

And now we’re standing for the practice on a new level as we open the doors to the first Baptiste Yoga Partner Studio in San Francisco. We welcome you to join us and we look forward to hearing how this practice has moved you.

Sean and Jennifer Silvera, Certified Baptiste Teachers