Josh "Ducky" Lundell

I promise to be your witness.  I will to take you to your edge, however you choose to experience it.  Expect to leave receptive with a more deeply aligned connection to the non-physical (and eternal) you.

Training: 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher through Baptiste affiliate studio Yoga One (Charlotte, NC), Level 1 w/ Baptiste Institute, Level 2 w/ Baptiste Institute (Oct '16), Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting (Nov' 16)

"My yogic journey began one drunken night at a house party in 1999.  I found a Power Yoga VHS cassette in a box of random stuff which we put on for entertainment, and a few of us attempted a practice.  During that first (sloppy and slightly absurd) experience something clicked within me, and set off a series of escalating physical, emotional and inward spiraling spiritual odysseys.  Between 2000-2010 I exposed myself to a variety of different styles and teachers.  In winter 2010, I instinctively knew when I walked through the doors of Yoga One that I was going to train as a Baptiste teacher, having never taken a class.  A job change, a move to the West Coast and a 5 year tour around bay area yoga studios, found me missing the Baptiste methodology so I chose to enroll in "Level One."  I met Jen on the first night, she and I clicked instantly...and here I am!   Don't be surprised if overhear me saying time and again that "Things are always working out for me," because quite literally, they are.  Quack!"