The consequences of a wondering mind

By Change Is Good
Posted in Our Blog, on October 28, 2015

Drishti...or lack there of....

Drishti (otherwise known as focus) is what keeps me present in my practice and in my life.

Working long hours building out a studio is similar to a long asana practice. If I loose my drishti I start to drift and my mind starts to wander. On the mat if I loose my focus and I drop out of a pose I end up going through the paces instead of really doing the work.

The other evening while building our check in desk and working my 12th consecutive hour, I found that loosing my Drishti added up to more then not benefitting from my practice.

As I was laying out and fasting the reclaimed wood to our desk my thoughts where drifting from the idea that this beautiful desk would be complete soon, and I just wanted to stand back and look at it. Other thoughts drifting in and out were around craving home and sleep.

In that moment, lost in the future, my thoughts where interrupted by the intense sensation of sharp steel entering my hand! I did what I always do in this situation and pull my hand away from the pain, but this time something was different and my hand wouldn't move. Realizing I had screwed my hand to my desk I fought the panic. Fight or flight. I reached for my screw gun that I had dropped and was almost out of reach. Tapping into my breath and my drishti I grabbed the screw gun, made sure to put it on reverse so I wouldn't drill the screw deeper into me and gently squeezed the trigger releasing me from the desk.

It was a valuable lesson in Drishti. Sometimes the consequences of the wandering mind cause injuries, and not just the physical kind. 

Baptiste Yoga is where I keep coming back to the simple practice of eyes set to one point. Presence. Being truly in the moment. I will have a scar to remind me of this powerful lesson!

– Sean Silvera, Owner