Mindful Eating

By Change Is Good
Posted in Events, on September 17, 2018

This 2-hour workshop is for everyone and promises to transform your relationship with food! We will explore how to slow down, use all of our senses and explore the magic that happens when we cultivate mindfulness into the mundane experience of everyday eating. We will explore how nutrition affects every moment of every day, the social and interpersonal nuances of food in our culture, and how to develop healthy habits that will transform your level of energy!


Nan Herron MD will facilitate this program.  Nan is a a psychiatrist, a mindfulness teacher and a Certified Baptiste Yoga teacher. Her greatest joy is teaching others how to manage the small and large traumas that life presents, harnessing the latest neuro-scientific findings that inform us how to train our brains to be happier, and incorporating mindfulness into everyday life, especially with mindful eating and wine tasting. She is the owner of mindful spirits (mindfulspirits.org) where she offers retreats combining yoga, meditation and lots of delicious food and drink in the wilds of Sonoma County.  Join us on Saturday January 12 from 11:30-1:30.

Price $50.