giving the love to first time students

Baron Baptiste is teaching Pillars of Power in San Francisco, CA at the LIVE! Yoga Journal event on January 16, 2016.

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The practice of Baptiste Yoga has transformed who we are and how we live in this world, it’s that simple.

As a former ER nurse, Jen relied on her lightning fast responses and the thick skin of selfless service on a daily basis. My life as a construction contractor involves ever-changing deadlines and is demanding physically.

We thrive in these environments simply because we are dedicated to a practice that keeps us whole.

We are delighted to know so many others are being profoundly impacted by this empowering practice. From Kenya to Helsinki, from Toronto to Bogotá, this life-changing practice is affecting a global community.

And now we’re standing for the practice on a new level as we open the doors to the first Baptiste Yoga Partner Studio in San Francisco. We welcome you to join us and we look forward to hearing how this practice has moved you.

Sean and Jennifer Silvera, Certified Baptiste Teachers

Our Story


These values are our fundamental beliefs and are present in everything we do.


*This is the foundation of the Baptiste Methodology*
We do the right thing, not the easy thing, all the time. We do what we say and say what we do. We “walk the walk.”
We do the best we can at everything we do.

We “level up” – in everything we do. We are committed to stepping outside of our “comfort zone,” understanding that without growth, there is only “drift”.

We are eager to learn. We are willing to ask for the “why” and we are willing to answer the “why”.

We are more concerned with the needs of others than with our own. We are up to something bigger than ourselves.

We are able to bounce back/“true up” and “extract the gold” quickly after every situation.

We are 100% willing to work together and support each-other in achieving greatness in all that we do.

We come from the understanding and belief that everyone is whole and complete.

We treat everyone with respect and love.

We are committed to not taking ourselves too seriously. Rather, we are 100 % committed to participating in playing this game of life!

giving the love to first time students


Oh what a feeling! To have an opportunity to dive deeply into the space that is this body we were given. The container where we experience the full specturm of emotions deserves to have our full attention.

The mat is the perfect place for just that. And we are the perfect studio to deliver on a physically satisfying practice. Our promise to you is that you will have the space to focus on you, breathe deeply, tap into the strength at your core, sweat, and flow.

And beyond the utterly profound experience available to you on your mat, you will have an opportunity to discover just how powerful you really are. We are here to empower you, to share in the love of yoga and to deliver on our promise time and time again. Join us.


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